Armed with a walker and a positive attitude, actor and comedian Tracy Morgan was spotted by reporters in December 2014 on a trip to the post office. As you likely remember, the Saturday Night Live alum and 30 Rock actor was critically injured in a crash when a truck collided with the limo he was traveling in.

Because of this crash, truck driver’ hours of service regulations came into the national spotlight when it was revealed that the driver of the Walmart truck had been awake and working for 24 hours straight at the time of the crash. His alleged negligence led to Morgan suffering from a traumatic brain injury, a broken leg and ribs, as well as the loss of a friend; fellow comedian James “Jimmy Mack” McNair died in the crash.

What We Learned From the Tracy Morgan Crash

Morgan’s fateful trip on the New Jersey Turnpike brought media attention to a variety of issues, including:

Hours of service regulations for truck drivers.

The Federal Motor Carrier Administration created Hours of Service Regulations for truck drivers in an effort to prevent crashes caused by sleep deprivation.

Many drivers do not abide by these rules.

Although a spokesperson for Walmart stated that the truck driver involved in the Morgan crash was operating under the hours of service regulations, reports came out that he had been up for 24 hours when the collision occurred and perhaps even fell asleep behind the wheel. If the allegations are true, it means that not all drivers follow these service rules, and the companies they work for may or may not be aware of the amount of time they work or how much sleep they receive.

Traumatic brain injuries are devastating.

Morgan’s lawyer told reporters the actor may never perform again and is fighting every day to get back to where he was before the crash, all because of his traumatic brain injury. These devastating injuries occur often in 18-wheeler crashes and can affect victims for the rest of their lives.

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