Who's Really at Fault in a Texas Car Accident?

As experienced car accident attorneys, one of the most common questions we hear from clients after a car accident is: “Was it my fault?”

It may seem easier to assume the blame after a car accident. You want to move on, to get it over with and go back to your everyday life. The problem is that there are many contributing factors to a car wreck—and sometimes it's difficult to know who's to blame. Was the road unpaved? Did the other driver show erratic behavior? Was it raining during rush hour? Any one of these may have played a part in causing the wreck, and it’s doing yourself a disservice to assume fault that isn’t yours.Car Accident Lawyer Texas The Hart Law Firm

A Few of the Factors That Contribute To A Texas Car Accident


Any driver can tell you: people don't always obey the speed limit. A driver going even five miles over the legal limit can put everyone around him at significant risk.

Illegal Driving

Speeding is only one illegal driving hazard. Many accidents are caused by ignoring simple traffic laws such as running red lights, making illegal turns, cutting through parking lots, parking illegally—and of course, driving under the influence.

Road Conditions 

The Northern Texas highway system accomodates thousands upon thousands of vehicles each year. All that traffic can easily lead to wear and tear on the roadways, and as a result, I-35, I-75, I-635, I-20 and I-30 are all in less-than-perfect shape. Add the effect of rain, ice, falling gravel and infrequent highway maintenance, and highway driving quickly becomes a hazard.

Different Vehicles 

It's not just cars on the roads these days. Trucks, motorcycles, bicycles, and other commercial/construction vehicles all come with their own set of specific road hazards. If the drivers do not handle these vehicles safely and responsibly, it could be up to you to avoid—or be a victim of—a car crash.

Car Conditions 

When asked about what concerns us while we drive, most of us would say bad weather or other drivers. The truth is, we rarely think about the condition of the cars on the road–including our own. There's no way to tell if the SUV you're following has had its brakes replaced recently, or if the semi next to you is up to code.

Driver Behavior 

Every driver behind the wheel has one thing in common: they're all human. We may be driving while thinking about work, or talking to other passengers, or maybe when we haven't had enough sleep. The problem arises when the driver distractions inside the car—and even inside the driver's head—take his focus off the road and risk the safety of other drivers.

Let Experienced Texas Car Accident Attorneys Work For You

No matter what caused your car accident, one thing is for certain: you need help dealing with the aftermath. You need someone who can deal with the insurance companies while you take the time to heal. David Hart is an AV-rated, TBLS-certified personal injury lawyer who may even be able to win compensation for your medical bills and personal damages. Our personal injury lawyers can help you: all you have to do is ask.

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