A safety harness snaps at the wrong moment. A slow leak in a gas drum ends in an explosion that injures dozens of construction workers. A cement mixer fails, or production equipment malfunctions, and ends up taking someone's life. These kinds of incidents take place more often than we like to think about, and families all over Texas are devastated—physically, emotionally, and financially—when equipment on the worksite malfunctions or is defective.

Although the manufacturers of defective equipment may try to tell you that “accidents happen,” the truth is that individuals can and do hold these companies responsible for this type of machinery injury.

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Commonly Malfunctioning Equipment That Can Cause A Machinery Injury:


Workers take for granted that the tools they use every day will work correctly. When a tool does not function correctly or unexpectedly fails, it can directly or indirectly cause a worksite injury.


Worksites are often filled with intimidating, heavy machinery, but you have the training and experience to use it correctly. When heavy machinery is faulty or malfunctioning, however, even extensive experience and training might not be able to prevent a tragic machinery injury. Lives are put at risk, and life-changing injuries are possible.

Safety Equipment

A default in safety gear can be a ticking time bomb that ends in a tragedy. Workers all over Texas rely on that manufacturers of safety equipment to keep them safe. When safety gear fails because of a manufacturing fault, victims can and should hold these companies responsible.

Manufacturing companies have a responsibility to make sure that their products are safe to use, appropriately labeled, and functioning correctly. If something goes wrong, the company should be held responsible for the harm their product caused—and the families affected by that failure should be justly compensated for the tragedy they have suffered as a result.

Claims for Defective Worksite Equipment Almost Always Require Legal Assistance—Our Machinery Injury Liability Lawyers in Texas can Help Guide you Through the Process

Unfortunately, the large companies who create equipment for work and construction sites around the state of Texas often have large, experienced legal teams to defend their brand from exactly these kinds of machinery injury claims. Because of this, the innocent individuals and families who have been hurt almost always need legal help with their claims, and many don't even realize they have the right to take legal action.

Our Colleyville product liability and injury attorneys assist victims and families who have been hurt by the failure of heavy machinery and construction-site equipment by provided free, no-obligation access to:

Answers About Your Rights in Texas

Claims for Texas work injuries that involve equipment failure can be extremely complex and full of potential tricks and traps. Even before you're sure you want to take action in your case, your rights could be at risk. After hearing more about your case, our team can offer a detailed explanation of your rights and what you need to know to protect yourself while you make a decision.

An Evaluation For Product Liability In Your Case 

It's not always clear when a manufacturing or product fault is responsible for an injury, and there may be multiple parties who could be held responsible, including the manufacturer, your employer, an onsite contractor, and more. An initial review with attorneys will help you determine if you have a product liability claim, how it fits into your overall legal situation, and if there are any complicating factors.

More Information About Moving Forward in Texas

Once you know your rights and where you stand, it's time to start moving ahead with your case. One of our attorneys can explain what the initial stages of a claim look like, what will be expected of you, what “success” might look like in your case, and what you need to do next.

If you have been hurt by an equipment fault or defective machinery on a worksite, we're here to provide support and answers. We serve the entire Dallas-Fort Worth region, and we have direct experience working with injured Texas workers and their families. Don’t hesitate to contact us online or call our experienced personal injury lawyers directly at 817.380.488 for immediate, no-obligation assistance with your questions.

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