If you drive car, SUV, or pickup truck, a crash with an 18-wheeler is one of the worst collisions you can sustain. Due to its size, weight, and copious amounts of steel, the amount of damage a semi truck can cause to you and your car is exponential compared to how much your car will damage it. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration suggests that out of the 333,000 truck accidents that occur every year, 98 percent of the injuries are suffered by non-truckers.

This alarming fact easily explains why so many people are wary of driving near trucks. However, with proper awareness and deductive reasoning, you can help decrease the odds of becoming a statistic. When you're watching for the following warning signs that can mean a truck is in trouble, you can help avoid an accident before it even occurs.

Warning Signs of Trucker Distress

Every time you approach an 18 wheeler, you should be aware of its movements and stay alert for potential signs of distress. The common signs you should watch out for to warn you that a truck or trucker has lost control are:

Unprovoked braking.

If you notice a truck braking too often, for no apparent reason, this could be a sign that the driver is distracted or tired—either way, it’s best to keep your distance.

Screeching or slow working brakes.

Brake issues could be a sign of poor maintenance, which could mean the entire truck could be poorly maintained and dangerous. Keep your distance in case of mechanical malfunctions or brake failure.

Swerving, fishtailing, or excessive drifting.

Trucks can be difficult to handle, and even a slight overcorrection can cause a trucker to lose control. Although slight movements aren’t definite signs of an impending crash, you should increase your distance to give the trucker room to move.

Wobbly or shaky tires.

Trembling tires could be a sign of excessive wear and tear, possibly eluding to signs of a potential blowout.

Tilting or shaking trailer.

If the trailer seems off-kilter or unstable, this could mean that the cargo is unbalanced causing extra weight on one side of the trailer. This imbalance could cause the entire truck to lose control, or tip over.

Open trailer and unsecured cargo.

When a truck’s trailer is open, or cargo is ill-secured, shipment boxes and debris can fall into the roadway, creating a death maze for traffic traveling behind it. Additionally, cargo could potentially fly out of the trailer and fall directly onto your car.

What to Do When An Accident Comes Out of the Blue

Staying alert, being cautious, and driving offensively can immensely improve your odds of avoiding a truck accident. Unfortunately, some collisions occur without warning and can cause serious injuries. Fortunately, you can still continue to protect what’s yours even after a crash.

Have You Been Injured In A Texas Truck Accident?

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