The issue of preventing sleep apnea related semi-truck crashes is one that is dear to our hearts. Too many times, our Bedford 18 wheeler crash lawyers speak with clients who have been hit by a distracted, overly tired truck driver. While long hours behind the wheel can cause some level of drowsiness, sleep apnea has been found to be one of the most frequent contributors to truck driver fatigue.


Just How Dangerous Are Truckers Suffering From Sleep Apnea?


One study, done by researchers at the Harvard School of Medicine, found that those suffering from the sleep disorder were at a 242 percent higher risk of being involved in a crash than those without it.

While many trucking companies are resistant to the idea of screening all truck drivers for the disorder, it has been found, time and time again, that identifying drivers with sleep apnea and giving them proper treatment saves both lives and money.


Setting the Industry Standard for Sleep Apnea Testing


One company that has seen very positive results is Schneider National. The large trucking company put a program in place that reduced crash rates by 30 percent. In addition, since making changes to their sleep apnea identification and treatment programs, the company is saving over $500 per driver per month.


At the Hart Law Firm, we hope that other Texas trucking companies take note and begin to screen all drivers for sleep apnea. It is becoming very clear that doing so will reduce semi-truck crash rates and save lives.

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