When you're driving on I-30, we doubt you are eyeing the 18-wheelers on the road and wondering which ones are being driven by individuals with fraudulent commercial vehicle licenses. In fact, we are willing to bet you have never even considered that as a possibility because of the strict requirements truck drivers must meet in order to be allowed to operate such large, dangerous vehicles. Unfortunately, it is a sad, scary reality that some commercial vehicle drivers on the road right now are operating with a fake license.

Why Do Drivers Obtain Fake Commercial Driving Licenses?

Legally obtaining a commercial vehicle license means that a person is qualified to drive a semi-truck and has had extensive training to ensure they can operate it safely. So why would someone illegally obtain a fraudulent commercial license? It's usually out of desperation because:

  • They used to be legally licensed, but lost their license when they were caught driving recklessly, under the influence, or even after causing a major accident.
  • They need a job, but they aren't willing or able to complete all of the necessary requirements to receive their commercial driving license.
  • They tried to obtain their license legally, but failed some or all of the tests.

When some individuals decide they are going to drive a truck illegally, they may get a fraudulent license from a third party, cheat on a test, submit false results from a test, or try to use someone else's Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV) license. Regardless of the reason or the method they use to get the fake license, there is one common theme: they are endangering their life and the lives of all the other motorists they share the road with. CMV licenses are strictly regulated for a reason and for someone to feel they are above the law is dangerous and irresponsible.

Have You Been Injured In A Texas Truck Accident?

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