Each year in the United States over 4,000 deadly large truck accidents occur. Semi truck crashes impact families across the entire nation. Safety experts and researchers are always looking for ways to reduce the number of semi-truck accidents, and looking for a way to prevent the injuries and deaths that they cause. The question they strive to answer is this: What is the most effective way to stop commercial truck accidents before they happen?


Is Mandatory Alcohol Testing in Truckers the Answer?


A study done by researchers at the Mailman School of Public Health and the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health shows that compulsory alcohol testing of truck drivers does have a significant impact on fatal heavy truck crashes.


According to the study, when drivers of heavy trucks and buses were required to be tested for alcohol, there was a 23% reduced risk of alcohol involvement in fatal crashes. While only 3% of deadly semi-truck crashes are caused by a drunk truck driver, experts believe that any reduction in crash risk is significant.


Controversy Surrounding Mandatory Testing


Some are concerned that the testing is unnecessary and unethical. While many believe that this study proves that testing reduces alcohol related crashes among truck drivers, others disagree.


"This policy remains a controversial one, because of legal and ethical concerns and little empirical data about its safety benefit," stated Guohua Li, MD DrPH, a senior author of the study. "Our study provides compelling evidence that implementation of the mandatory alcohol testing programs has significantly reduced alcohol involvement in fatal motor carrier crashes."


In addition, study authors found that the reduction was seen in both sexes, across all age groups and in both day and nighttime driving.


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