In Texas, you must have a medical license to practice medicine as a physician. Losing your license through a disciplinary proceeding can irreparably harm your reputation, career, and livelihood. If you are in danger of having your medical license revoked, our experienced attorney, Walt Taylor, is here to help you fight to protect your professional license.

Common Reasons Your Medical License Could Be Revoked

Like other professionals in Texas, doctors are governed by many legal and ethical rules. There are a number of reasons that a physician’s license can be revoked. Some of the major ones include:

Sexual Misconduct

Inappropriate sexual advances or harassment of patients or staff or sexual relationships with patients can be grounds for a doctor to lose his license.

Substance Abuse 

A common reason that doctors lose their licenses in Texas is substance abuse. However, the Texas Physician Health Program (TXPHP) can help physicians who suffer with problems of substance abuse receive treatment so that they can continue to competently treat their patients.

Insurance Fraud

Doctors can be investigated and lose their license if they engage in insurance fraud. Charging uninsured patients different fees than insurance company payees, using incorrect insurance codes, and changing medical records are a few of the reasons that an investigation could be opened.

Patient Abuse

While intentional patient abuse is an obvious grounds for revocation of a medical license, in some cases, the abuse may unintentional if a doctor is not careful enough to realize a patient’s physical limitations.

Medication Violations

Texas closely monitors prescription data through its Prescription Monitoring Program. Doctors who operate a pill mill, participate in patient/doctor shopping for prescriptions, or otherwise abuse their power to prescribe medications could be subject to an investigation that results in revocation of their license.

Unethical Behaviors and Malpractice

Engaging in unethical behaviors, such as age or race discrimination or false advertising, may result in a doctor’s license being revoked. In addition, committing medical malpractice could also lead to a doctor losing his license in a disciplinary action if the malpractice is serious enough.


If a doctor has a prior conviction or is being prosecuted, even for a felony, this does not necessarily mean that his license will be automatically revoked. However, if the conviction is for a violation of a licensing regulation, license revocation is likely.

Are you worried that you will lose your medical license? Has your medical license been revoked? Contact our experienced attorney, Walt Taylor, to learn how he can help you build a strong defense to fight a possible revocation or challenge a license revocation decision. Please feel free to contact Walt online or call him directly at 817.380.4888 to schedule your free consultation.

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