When you are a hard-working nurse who takes pride in the quality of care you provide to patients, it can be devastating to receive a complaint from the Texas Board of Nursing (BON). Your ability to work in your profession, your reputation, and your nursing license could be in jeopardy. Given the harsh consequences you face, you must treat any complaint seriously. Your best strategy is to retain an experienced medical licensing defense and peer review attorney who can help you build a strong defense to the complaint and protect your legal rights.
The Hart Law Firm Nursing Board Complaints

What Are Reasons for a Texas Board of Nursing Complaint?

The Texas Board of Nursing regulates the practice of nursing in our state, oversees nursing educational programs, and ensures that nurses in Texas are competent and practice safely. It also investigates complaints against nurses very aggressively, and the discipline can be harsh. Complaints can be made by other nurses, former employers, patients, their families, and law enforcement. The Board also has the power to initiate a complaint on its own if it discovers a violation while conducting an investigation of another nurse. There are many reasons that nurses face disciplinary proceedings in front of the Texas Board of Nurses. Some of the grounds for complaints include:
Violation of the Nurse Practice Act
Breach of the standard of practice (SOP)
Use of alcohol or narcotics
Lack of professionalism or an inappropriate bedside manner
Documentation errors or a lack of proper documentation
Criminal arrests or convictions—even if unrelated to nursing care
Failing to diagnose a serious medical condition
Making medication errors or overprescribing controlled substances
Negative Nurse Peer Review
Health Insurance Portability and the Accountability Act (HIPPA) violations
Allegations of patient abuse
Sexual abuse and personal space violations
The consequences of a Nursing Board investigation could be serious. You could face probation, fines, public reprimand, requirement to take additional continuing education courses, and/or suspension or revocation of your license. 

Let Our Firm Help You Protect Your Nursing License

Attorney Walt Taylor has years of experience representing nurses and other medical professionals who face disciplinary proceedings at the Texas Board of Nursing and other medical licensing boards. He is here to help you build a strong defense to the complaint against you. To learn more about your legal options and how we can help, contact us online or call our office directly at 817.380.4888 to schedule your free consultation today.