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You must be overwhelmed with questions after your Dallas car wreck.  Why not get the answers from a Texas board-certified personal injury attorney?

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  • What are the most common causes of Texas 18 wheeler accidents?

    As Dallas, TX semi truck crash attorneys we have seen almost every type of trucking accident. Too many times, we have met with families who have lost a loved one or accident victims who, months later, are still struggling to recover from the crash. In order to help you better understand how to avoid a crash, or to see just how common your type of accident is, we have compiled the following list. The list represents the types of crashes that the Hart Law Firm has seen the most in our 20 years of practicing law in Texas.

    ·Aggressive driving
    ·Distracted driving
    ·Driving while overly tired
    Impaired or drunk driving
    ·An improperly loaded trailer
    ·Poor truck maintenance
    ·Road and weather conditions
    ·Defective equipment such as faulty tires and brakes

    Driver Error Too High
    While many truck drivers do their best to get their rest, maintain a proper speed and avoid distraction, too many are pushed beyond their limits and make bad choices. Too often their company demands that they get as many loads as possible from point A to point B; in the smallest amount of time. This can force the driver to refuse, possibly losing the run or his job, or to push on, despite his reservations.

    When Texas Semi Trucks Crash The vast majority of 18 wheelers travel thousands of miles each year and are not involved in a collision. However, when they do cause a collision they can do serious damage. If you have been involved in an accident with a semi truck in Texas you know this all too well. Do not settle for less than you need. Protect your rights; contact an experienced, aggressive truck crash lawyer at the Hart Law Firm for your free consultation. 

  • I was hurt in a car accident in Dallas, TX and have missed a lot of work. Can I sue for loss of income?

    If you missed work because of your Texas car crash then you can file a lawsuit that includes being reimbursed for lost wages. An experienced personal injury lawyer can help you determine just how much money you have lost due to the crash. In Texas, you can sue for lost wages that are related to:

    • Time off work for your initial hospitalization
    • Time you missed due to ongoing physical therapy or medical treatments
    • Loss of earning capacity

    Of these three, loss of earning capacity can be the most difficult to determine. There are many factors that go into figuring out how the injuries sustained in your crash will affect your earning potential. For example, let's say that you work as a welder. If you injure your hand, and this injury will keep you from working in the trade you are trained in, then you have a good chance of getting compensation for loss of earning capacity. However, if you work as a writer, and your leg is injured, there is little chance that you can successfully sue for loss of earning capacity.

    If you have been injured in an accident, there is every chance that you can successfully sue for some form of loss of income. Contact your Grapevine, TX auto accident attorney at the Hart Law Firm today for your free consultation. Together, we can determine how to get maximum compensation for your injuries and losses.

  • A lot of Dallas car accident attorneys talk about their experience. However, does hiring an experienced personal injury attorney really matter?

    That depends. Too many "experienced" attorneys are experienced in all the wrong ways. They may claim to have successfully handled thousands of car crash cases in and around Dallas, TX, but how do they measure their success?

    Clients Deserve an Advocate

    Too many law firms prefer quantity over quality. These "case mills" get as many clients as possible and get their cases settled quickly. While a quick resolution seems ideal, rushing through a personal injury lawsuit can leave the crash victim without the money they need to pay for medical bills, lost wages and a vehicle repair or replacement. Concerned only with their paycheck, these law firms sacrifice your future for their financial gain.

    Experience that Matters to Injured Car Accident Victims in Texas

    What you need is experience that counts. At the Hart Law Firm we work to get our clients maximum compensation. If the insurance company is trying to deny you the benefits you rightly deserve, we will fight for these benefits, not settle for less than you need.

    For experience that counts, experience that gets results, contact an attorney at the Hart Law Firm for your free consultation. You deserve the compensation you need to move on with your life; let us help you get it.

  • What makes a Texas car/truck accident more dangerous than a car/car accident?

    We have all felt the fear creep in as we drive down the Dallas interstate, a large semi-truck drifting into our lane or looming suddenly in our rearview mirror.  Though we have a gut feeling that large, commercial trucks are dangerous, is there any evidence to back up these feelings?

    Study Shows That Commercial Trucks do Cause Serious Accidents

    One of the main concerns we have, as North Texas truck crash attorneys, is that when a truck crashes it causes serious damage. A study by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration shows that large truck crashess primarily injure the other motorists, not the truck driver. Other drivers and passengers suffer the most when they are hit by a large truck. These motorists make up nearly 80% of the injuries sustained during a car/truck crash. Aside from injuries, too many are killed during an 18-wheeler collision. In Texas in 2005, 502 people were killed during a crash with a semi.

    If You are Involved in an Accident With an 18-wheeler in Texas Act Quickly

    Clearly, your first step after being involved in an accident of this nature is to be seen by a doctor. Even if you feel OK at the time, head injuries are a commonly overlooked injury as their effect may not be felt for hours after the initial impact. Once you are sure that you are stable and that your medical needs have been met, do contact an experienced Texas personal injury attorney. At the Hart Law Firm we know that the trucking company will have a team of lawyers, ready to defend their interests.  Who will be defending you?

  • What does Texas law enforcement do to protect the public from drunk drivers?

    Texas police work together with the Texas Department of Transportation to stop drunk driving in our state.  Grants known as TxDOT provide funds for local law enforcement Police Crackdown On Drunk Driversto beef up efforts through planned traffic DWI checkpoints and by putting more officers on the streets. In various Texas cities, TxDOT has implemented many drunk driving preventions including:


    • "No Refusal Crackdowns" which cut the time needed to obtain a warrant for offenders who will not take a Breathalyzer or field test.
    • Mandatory blood tests are required for all serious crashes.
    • A Facebook page, "In Texas We Know When to PASS" has been created to promote the acronym "Person Appointed to Stay Sober". The page provides links to cell phone applications such as "Taxi Magic" and "Drink Tracker".
    • Because the majority of drunk driving crashes occur on and around weekends, a public awareness phrase, "Weekend PASS" has been initiated.


    While there may never be an end to drunk driving in our state, the law is on the side of the people when it comes to reckless decision making.  Let the Hart Law Firm answer your questions if you find yourself the victim of "the one who got away".  Your rights are important to us. Call us directly at (817) 380-4888 for your free consultation today.

  • I just got into an accident in Dallas and the insurance company is pressuring me to accept their offer. Should I talk with an attorney first?

    Yes!  When deciding whether to accept the initial offer from an insurance company after your car, truck or motorcycle crash you must ask yourself this question:  Is the agent more concerned with my well being or the company's bottom line? 

    The agent or adjustor has been trained to persuade you to accept an offer as quickly as possible.  They will use every trick in the book: acting like your friend, pressuring you, even resorting to mild threats and name calling.  Why?  Because they want you to sign their offer and they want you to sign it now.

    They know that if you speak with an attorney their too low offer will almost certainly be rejected.  Experienced Dallas attorneys know the true value of your injuries, of your property loss, and the insurance company knows this. 

    So before you sign anything, before you even speak with an agent or adjustor, contact a successful, aggressive crash attorney at the Hart Law Firm.  The insurance company has their team, ready to fight.  Who do you have? 

  • I was hit by a drunk driver in Texas. What criminal charges may the driver face?

    Depending on how the crash investigation goes, the driver who hit you or your family member may be facing one or both of the following charges:Drunk Driving Criminal Charges

    • Intoxication Assault
    • Intoxication Manslaughter

    In Texas, both of these DWI charges come with a minimum two year sentence, along with fines and community service.  However, many drivers are cleared of the charges, or will be given only the minimum punishments allowable by law.  They may very well come to their trial with an aggressive, experienced attorney who will get the driver a deal, leaving you dumbstruck at the lack of serious punishment they will face.

    While you have no power over the drunk drivers' criminal trial, you can file your own civil lawsuit. This lawsuit would have the potential to not only pay for medical bills, a wrongful death and damage to your vehicle; it would be another way for the drunk driver to be held responsible for their choice.

    Drunk driving is a choice.  Nobody forced the driver to drink and drive; they made the choice, endangered your life and possibly took away the life of your loved one.  If you would like to learn more about how you can sue the drink driver who hit you, contact your experienced Bedford crash attorney at the Hart Law Firm for your free consultation. You can also call us direct at (817) 380-4888.

  • I have been involved in a Dallas car accident. Is the insurance company giving me a fair offer?

    Insurance companies are concerned about one thing and one thing only: Their money.  They don't want to give you the money you need to recover from your auto crash, they want to give you the smallest amount possible, leaving their bottom line intact and you without the money you deserve. 

    Alone, a fight with your insurance company or that of the other drivers' is almost always a losing battle.  Unless you have hired an experienced, aggressive attorney, they know they can wear you down and get you to accept a too low offer.

    An effective attorney will have a reputation that precedes them.  In Dallas, the Hart Law Firm is known as a fierce advocate of their clients.  Our clients work with one attorney.  This attorney will get to know you and your case very well, will present a professional, aggressive case to the insurance company and, if needed, a jury. 

    If you have any doubts as to our effectiveness as a Dallas, TX law firm, read over our client testimonials.  You will find that our clients are not just another face in the crowd, they are our reason for practicing law. 

    Allow us to help you beat the insurance company and get the money you deserve.   Contact a lawyer with the Hart Law Firm today.   

  • I have been injured during a motorcycle accident in Grapevine, TX. Do I need a personal injury lawyer?

    Though the location of the accident varies: Dallas, Fort Worth, Grapevine, Colleyville; we get this question nearly every day.  Our clients are trying to recover from their injuries, yet they need to make big decisions.  These decisions are centered on big questions such as:

    This last question is easy to answer, and it takes just one simple phone call.  At the Hart Law Firm we offer a free, no obligation consultation.  This means that you can bring your questions, your concerns to us and we will advise you, free of charge.  Allow the Hart Law Firm to ease your burden, to take care of your legal concerns while you focus on healing.  Let us help.  Call today.  1.800.856.2347      

  • I was injured when a drunk driver hit me in Dallas, TX. Can I sue the driver?

    We have seen too many lives altered due to an accident with a drunk driver.  If you have lost a loved one or you have been injured during a drunk driving crash there is something Drunk Driving Lawsuityou can do.  Aside from the criminal case that will most likely be built against the drunk driver, a civil case is possible.  As experienced, trusted Dallas car accident attorneys, we can and do sue drunk drivers.

    Suing a drunk driver in Texas means getting compensation for all you have lost.  From medical bills, both present and future, to the cost of repairing or replacing your car, a lawsuit against a drunk driver can help you recover financially after a serious crash.  Though no amount of money can bring you back to the place you were before the crash, a successful lawsuit can ensure that the driver is brought to justice and that you have enough money to pay medical bills, recover lost wages and buy a new vehicle. 

    You have been injured, both mentally and physically.  Contact a compassionate, aggressive attorney at the Hart Law Firm today for your free consultation.  Your life is waiting.  Call us directly at (817) 380-4888.      

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