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What makes a Texas car/truck crash more dangerous than a car/car crash?

We have all felt the fear creep in as we drive down the Dallas interstate, a large semi-truck drifting into our lane or looming suddenly in our rearview mirror.  Though we have a gut feeling that large, commercial trucks are dangerous, is there any evidence to back up these feelings?

Study Shows That Commercial Trucks do Cause Serious Crashes

One of the main concerns we have, as North Texas truck crash attorneys, is that when a truck crashes it causes serious damage. A study by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration shows that large truck crashess primarily injure the other motorists, not the truck driver. Other drivers and passengers suffer the most when they are hit by a large truck. These motorists make up nearly 80% of the injuries sustained during a car/truck crash. Aside from injuries, too many are killed during an 18-wheeler collision. In Texas in 2005, 502 people were killed during a crash with a semi.

If You are Involved in a Crash With an 18-wheeler in Texas Act Quickly

Clearly, your first step after being involved in a crash of this nature is to be seen by a doctor. Even if you feel OK at the time, head injuries are a commonly overlooked injury as their effect may not be felt for hours after the initial impact. Once you are sure that you are stable and that your medical needs have been met, do contact an experienced Texas personal injury attorney. At the Hart Law Firm we know that the trucking company will have a team of lawyers, ready to defend their interests.  Who will be defending you?

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