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I have been involved in a Dallas car accident. Is the insurance company giving me a fair offer?

Insurance companies are concerned about one thing and one thing only: Their money.  They don't want to give you the money you need to recover from your auto crash, they want to give you the smallest amount possible, leaving their bottom line intact and you without the money you deserve. 

Alone, a fight with your insurance company or that of the other drivers' is almost always a losing battle.  Unless you have hired an experienced, aggressive attorney, they know they can wear you down and get you to accept a too low offer.

An effective attorney will have a reputation that precedes them.  In Dallas, the Hart Law Firm is known as a fierce advocate of their clients.  Our clients work with one attorney.  This attorney will get to know you and your case very well, will present a professional, aggressive case to the insurance company and, if needed, a jury. 

If you have any doubts as to our effectiveness as a Dallas, TX law firm, read over our client testimonials.  You will find that our clients are not just another face in the crowd, they are our reason for practicing law. 

Allow us to help you beat the insurance company and get the money you deserve.   Contact a lawyer with the Hart Law Firm today.   

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