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What does Texas law enforcement do to protect the public from drunk drivers?

Texas police work together with the Texas Department of Transportation to stop drunk driving in our state.  Grants known as TxDOT provide funds for local law enforcement Police Crackdown On Drunk Driversto beef up efforts through planned traffic DWI checkpoints and by putting more officers on the streets. In various Texas cities, TxDOT has implemented many drunk driving preventions including:


  • "No Refusal Crackdowns" which cut the time needed to obtain a warrant for offenders who will not take a Breathalyzer or field test.
  • Mandatory blood tests are required for all serious crashes.
  • A Facebook page, "In Texas We Know When to PASS" has been created to promote the acronym "Person Appointed to Stay Sober". The page provides links to cell phone applications such as "Taxi Magic" and "Drink Tracker".
  • Because the majority of drunk driving crashes occur on and around weekends, a public awareness phrase, "Weekend PASS" has been initiated.


While there may never be an end to drunk driving in our state, the law is on the side of the people when it comes to reckless decision making.  Let the Hart Law Firm answer your questions if you find yourself the victim of "the one who got away".  Your rights are important to us. Call us directly at (817) 380-4888 for your free consultation today.

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