The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) is considering implementing a rule encouraging truckers to fill out a voluntary trucker medication form. The change is the result of concerns that uses of some legal medications—such as the opioids OxyContin and Percodan —cause truckers to be unsafe drivers and result in crashes. FMCSA hopes the use of this form will help curb truckers who are taking certain medications from driving.

How New Medical Disclosures Could Prevent Texas Truck Crashes

A trucker needs certification every three years that he does not have certain medical conditions that would reduce his ability to drive in order to obtain and keep his commercial drivers’ license. This proposed form would be provided voluntarily by the truck driver to the medical examiner certifying the trucker’s condition. The goals of the CMV Driver Medication Form would be to:

  • Help medical examiners determine if a trucker is medically able to drive
  • Ensure that the trucker does not have a prohibited medical condition or one that puts others on the road at higher risk of a crash
  • Monitor whether the trucker is taking any medications that could affect his ability to drive safely

FMCSA is already considering what the form should include. It would most likely ask the trucker to disclose the following:

  • A list of medications he is taking
  • The medical condition he is taking each medication for
  • A statement by his doctor that the driver is fit to drive when taking this medication

Of course, the trucker must voluntarily agree to complete the form and do so honestly. 

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