The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) developed the Compliance, Safety, Accountability (CSA) initiative in 2010 to help improve truck safety and reduce crashes by allowing FMCSA to address truck company safety issues before a crash occurs. Unfortunately, not all truck companies comply with these requirements designed to help them prevent deadly wrecks. 

Six Common CSA Violations That Are Easily Preventable

Many of the top CSA violations are ones that trucking companies and truckers could easily avoid. Some of these violations include:


Broken lights are some of the most common and visible CSA violations and includes broken or missing lights, reflectors, and reflector tape. Pre-trip and post-trip inspections of trucks and carrying extra fuses and light bulbs are easy ways truckers can avoid this safety violation.


Brakes also need to be inspected before and after each trip. Truckers need to be trained to know what to look for and qualified before they make any brake adjustments. Having properly working brakes is critical to avoiding a crash.


One of the biggest problems is the tread depth, which could be easily discovered if truckers performed regular inspections before and after taking out their trucks. Drivers should be trained on how to check inflation with a gauge and how to spot when a tire should be replaced.


A trucker’s log book must be up to date at all times. It contains important information, such as the trucker’s activities, total number of hours driven over a 24-hour period, and when the trucker is sleeping. One of its goals is to ensure that truckers comply with the hours of service regulations which limit the number of hours they can drive before taking a break. Truckers need to be educated on how to fill out these logs and what information must be included.

Medical issues.

Truckers need to have required medical exams and a valid medical certificate when they are driving. Medical problems like heart problems, respiratory problems, or seizures can prohibit a trucker from driving safely, and some medications can also affect their reflexes and judgment.

English speaking.

Drivers must be fluent enough in English to answer questions at roadside inspections and fill out required paperwork, which is all done in English. Proper screening when hiring truckers would eliminate many of these violations.

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