Posted on Oct 14, 2011
While waiting in a construction zone, Wanda and John Lindsay chatted about the wait, deciding not to worry about it. After all, newly retired and enjoying their travels, the Lindsays were just happy to be together, embarking on a new adventure. Moments later, an 18-wheeler traveling at 70 mph slammed into the back of their car. The next thing she knew, Wanda and her husband were in a ditch on the side of the road. With her husband unconscious, Wanda got out of the car only to fall to the ground.

While Wanda was seriously injured in the Texas trucking crash, her husband was faring much worse. Wanda was only able to see him twice before he passed away. While the sadness was overwhelming, Wanda Lindsey, upon discovering that the driver who hit them suffered from sleep apnea, decided to turn tragedy into hope.

"I am waging war against sleep apnea in the trucking industry," she said.

Indeed, Wanda Lindsey has kept her word, starting a nonprofit organization named after her husband: the John Lindsay Foundation. Wanda wants to honor her husband while raising awareness of sleep apnea in truckers. Almost one-third of truck drivers and commercial truckers suffer from sleep apnea. This sleep disorder prevents sufferers from getting a good night's sleep, putting them at a higher risk of daytime drowsiness.

The Dallas truck accident attorneys at the Hart Law Firm are heartened to hear that Mrs. Lindsey is turning tragedy to hope. We too are hopeful that more stringent sleep apnea testing and standards in truckers will lead to a reduced collision rate in Texas and across the nation.

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