Posted on Sep 29, 2011
In reaction to a deadly large truck accident in which a trucker's cell phone use was cited as a contributing factor, the National Transportation Safety Board has recommended that all cell phone use by truckers be banned. While the NTSB cannot enforce rules, their recommendations are taken seriously by safety agencies in Texas, as well as throughout the nation.


During the accident in question, the truck driver was using his phone just seconds before the deadly crash. He crossed over the median, broke through a wire barrier, and hit a 15-passegner van. Nine adults were killed during the collision. The only survivors in the van were two children who were in car seats at the time of the accident.


Ban on Both Hand Held and Hands Free Devices

The truck driver cell phone ban would include any cell phone use, both hands free and hand held. While this rule would be far reaching, it was not the only recommendation given by the NTSB. The agency also recommended that the Federal Highway Administration and other regulatory agencies work to:


  • Re-evaluate the effectiveness of median barriers in stopping large trucks

  • Work to better define and identify cross median crashes and their causes

  • Consider enacting laws that require seat belt use in 15-passenger vans


The staff and Dallas tractor trailer crash attorneys at the Hart Law Firm would like to extend our deepest condolences to those who lost a loved one during this tragic accident. We hope that further regulations will help prevent crashes and save lives across the country.

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