Posted on Jan 30, 2012
After police investigation of an Irving auto accident, it has been concluded that the driver was going well over the speed limit. The crash left Southlake attorney Ronald Eddins; Kenneth Lark, of Austin; and Kaat Debeuckelaer, of Colleyville, dead on January 4, 2012.

The car and the bodies were found in the Las Colinas Canal near Riverside Drive and Spur 348. Prior to the investigation, it was thought that alcohol was the main factor to the accident as police put the time line together. However, police now say that the driver was driving above the posted speed limit of 55 miles per hour. This excessive speed caused the car to crash and sink into the canal.

The Porsche hit the center median, went through two road signs and three curbs, and went airborne. The car flew about 95 feet and then plowed through a guardrail. It then inverted and hit the wall on the other side of the canal. In all, the new Porsche four-door sedan traveled about 570 feet from the first impact with the center median.

It is now known that all three victims had been drinking, but to know if the driver was above the limit will be a question until the toxicology reports are completed. As of this report, it has been decided that speed was the main factor in the fatal accident.

The Dallas car crash attorneys at the Hart Law Firm send their condolences to the families of the victims.

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