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Semi-Truck Wreck on I-30 in Dallas Damages Bridge

Posted on Dec 15, 2011
News of a Dallas 18 wheeler crash may not be unusual, but a recent commercial truck crash on I-30 in Dallas did a lot more damage than a typical large truck crash. A large truck carrying an oversized load of three 18-wheeler cabs was traveling down Interstate 30 in Dallas when the top of the truck hit the St. Francis Bridge, damaging the bridge and leaving metal scattered across the roadway. While crews worked to clear the debris and remove the truck, a team from the Texas Department of Transportation was called in to inspect the bridge. After inspecting the damage, it was determined that though there was no threat to the vehicles passing under the St. Francis overpass, the bridge itself would have to be partially demolished and repaired. Bridge and Property Damage the Only Losses Fortunately, there were no other vehicles involved in the crash and no injuries were reported. Too often when 18 wheelers crash, they leave behind a path of destruction that causes damage, both human and vehicular. The staff of The Hart Law Firm is grateful to hear that in this case, no one suffered injuries.

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