Posted on Jul 27, 2011

It was like déjà vu all over again at a Texas intersection last week. Two 18-wheeler crashes occurred within one day of each other, each involving two 18-wheelers.  This means that in a period of 24 hours, four large trucks collided at the intersection of Highway 6 and FM 1860, causing multiple injuries and involving several other vehicles.

The first accident occurred on Monday, July 11th. One big rig was rear-ended by another, causing serious damage to the vehicles and sending one driver to the hospital by helicopter. The crash occurred when one driver was stopped at the red light. Another trucker failed to see the light and hit the back of the first truck.  One trucker was uninjured and the other, B.J. Newton, of Fort Worth, was taken by helicopter to a local hospital and treated for serious injuries.

The second crash happened the day before.  The circumstances of the crashes were eerily similar. This truck accident also occurred when one truck was stopped at the light.  Again, a second truck failed to see the first truck was stopped and slammed into the rear end of the truck.  In this instance, however, two other vehicles were involved and four people were taken to the hospital for injuries sustained during the serious crash.

The staff and attorneys at The Hart Law Firm hope that all the injured parties are on the way to making a full recovery from their injuries.  We know all too well the serious damage large truck crashes can cause.

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