Posted on Dec 21, 2011

In Bedford, Dallas, and across the nation, efforts to identify and treat truck drivers suffering from obstructive sleep apnea are gaining steam.


Trucking Advisory Panels Urge Mandatory Sleep Apnea Testing


The recommendation of two panels, one from the medical community and one that represents the trucking industry, is the same: Require that all drivers with a body mass index (BMI) over 34 be tested for sleep apnea.


For some time, the Medical Review Board for the Motor Carrier Safety Advisory Committee has been advocating comprehensive changes to current regulations for identifying and treating truck drivers with the sleep disorder. Currently, there are no industry wide rules that explicitly require testing and treatment of sleep apnea; however, all that may be about to change.


Why Sleep Apnea in Texas Truck Drivers is Such a Big Deal


Many studies have shown the various ways that sleep apnea affects a person's ability to concentrate and quickly react to situations. According to Charles Czeisler, professor of sleep medicine at Harvard Medical School, the crash risk for a driver suffering from sleep apnea is 242 percent greater than a person without the disorder. When you consider that approximately 75 percent of truck drivers are at high risk of suffering from sleep apnea, it becomes clear that the problem must be addressed.


As experienced North Richland Hills semi-truck crash attorneys we have seen the terrible impact that semi-truck accidents have. The majority of the time it is the driver of the car, rather than the driver of the 18 wheeler, that is injured during a semi-truck accident. The Bedford semi-truck accident lawyers at the Hart Law Firm sincerely hope that the trucking industry wakes up and moves quickly to prevent drivers from operating while suffering from sleep apnea.

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