Posted on Nov 04, 2011
For years, a heated battle has raged on in Texas and across the Southwest. International trade agreements with Mexico allow produce and other goods to be imported into the U.S. However, the trucks that carry the goods to the border are not allowed to cross into the United States. Instead, truckers must unload cargo and reload into American trucks. This is about to change.

Mexican Trucks and Truckers Allowed to Travel Into Texas

Like other border states, Texas will feel the effects of the rule change more than most. While many believe that the changes will be good for trade, others are concerned about a variety of aspects. James Hoffa, the president of the Teamsters union, is concerned over the safety of the trucks and their drivers.

"What we have here is a double standard of people that are going to make maybe one-third of what American drivers make, if that," he says, "and there's no record of who these people are. They're not in the database. They don't keep logbooks from the time they get to the border."

This lack of accountability is a concern to many worried about the impact that the new trucks will have on semi truck crash rates in Dallas and across Texas.

Hope For the Cross-Border Trucking Program

The program is being run on a trial basis, limiting the number of Mexican trucks being allowed into the U.S. For now, only a few cross-border trucking companies have asked for permission to participate in the program. The Department of Transportation hopes that the trial will go well and that, very soon, trucks will travel in and out of Mexico in the same way they travel into the U.S. from Canada.

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