Posted on Aug 31, 2011
Despite concerns that a higher nighttime semi truck speed limit in Texas will cause more accidents, injuries and deaths, a new law, doing away with lower night speeds, will take effect September 1st.

Truck drivers are glad to hear that their speed limit is changing. 10-year veteran trucker Jason Rutland thinks that the higher limit is actually safer.

"We end up losing a lot of time and not being able to get down the road to a safer place to stay like a truck stop," Rutland said.

But not everyone shares Rutland's opinion. Many worry that the higher speed limit will mean longer braking distances. At night, the slower response time could spell disaster. As it is, 400 Texans are killed each year during a crash with an 18-wheeler.

Despite safety concerns, the Texas Department of Transportation has endorsed the idea and is ready to change over 700 signs across the state.

"Eliminating the night speed will make it consistent state to state. There will be no ambiguity as to what the speed limit really is," said Val Lopez, Texas DOT spokesperson.

The increases will vary but most will be changed by 5 miles per hour.

The staff and attorneys at the Hart Law Firm hope that the change in speed limit does not cause more accidents. We will be keeping a close eye on crash rates in Dallas and across Texas, to see if the change has any effect.     

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