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Family of Texas DWI Crash Victim Wins $1 Million Lawsuit

Posted on Jul 14, 2011

According to police reports and court documents, Mark Charles Pierce arrived at the Southern Oaks Country Club visibly intoxicated.  Yet during the first nine holes of his game he was served "at least 12 cans of beer" and then went on to buy six more during on the back nine.  After finishing the game, Pierce went on to the clubhouse, where the bartender served him more alcohol. 

After leaving the clubhouse highly intoxicated, Pierce got into his car and slammed head-on into the vehicle Lance Shelter was driving.  Shelter, a father of three, was killed in the crash.  An hour after the collision, Pierce's blood-alcohol level was at 0.14, nearly twice the legal limit.

On behalf of the family of Lance Shelter, a Fort Worth attorney recently filed a successful lawsuit against the Southern Oaks Country Club.  The suit alleged that the employees continued to sell alcohol to Pierce, despite the fact that he was visibly drunk.  Pierce is currently serving a 15-year sentence for the deadly crash along with an eight-year sentence for a 2006 Parker County drug conviction.

The DWI crash victim attorneys at the Hart Law Firm hope that this decision, and other successful drunk driving lawsuits, sends a message to servers in Texas: If you serve alcohol to individuals who have had too many, you will be held responsible.

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