If a drunk driver caused you to suffer injuries in an accident, it can be even more stressful and frustrating if his insurance adjuster does not return your telephone calls about your claim. In the meantime, your vehicle remains unrepaired and your medical bills are mounting. You When Negligent Drunk Driver Insurance Won't Answer Your Callsmay be surprised to learn that this may be more than rudeness. It could be an intentional strategy by the insurance company.

Reasons Why the Insurance Adjuster Is Not Returning Your Calls

Although the insurance adjuster will be processing your claim, it is important to keep in mind that he works for the insurance company that employs him and not you. There are several reasons why he may not return your calls in an overall goal of helping the insurance company make a profit. Here is why he may be avoiding you:

To wear you down.

The insurance adjuster knows that you most likely need your settlement to get your vehicle repaired and pay your medical bills. However, he may be trying to wear you down by not returning your calls and by slowing down the settlement process. He could be hoping that you’ll accept a smaller settlement amount just to get your claim settled.

Because he doesn’t have to. 

Another reason that the insurance company may fail to return your calls is that they are not required to under the law. They are not bound by any timeline to resolve your claim—unless you obtain a judgment against the driver in court.

To make more money.

The reality is that the insurance company makes more interest on your settlement proceeds as long as they hold onto it. By not returning calls and delaying your claim, the insurance company makes money while you pay the price—even more outrageous since you suffered injuries through no fault of your own.

What Should You Do When the Insurance Adjuster Refuses to Return Your Calls?

Your best strategy if the insurance adjuster will not return your calls or is otherwise delaying your claim is to retain an experienced drunk driving injury attorney. The adjuster is much more likely to be responsive if you have an attorney. If your lawyer is unable to resolve your claim for what you are owed, he can file a lawsuit against the drunk driver for you.

Have You Or A Loved One Been Injured By A Drunk Driver?

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