Posted on Nov 21, 2011
During a rescue attempt in Rock Lake, one Dallas Fire-Rescue truck had to rescue its self. Firefighters from local Station 34 were responding to a call that necessitated a water rescue.

After the boaters were ushered safely to shore, one of the fire trucks at the scene rolled from its parked position into the lake. While no one was injured during the one vehicle crash, initial interviews given by firefighters at the scene indicate that the truck had suffered from brake problems in the past.

Bad Brakes are Bad Business
If, in fact, the brakes on the fire truck were known to be bad, why were they not repaired or replaced? While faulty brakes are dangerous on any vehicle, large trucks with bad brakes are especially deadly. The braking distance of a motor vehicle increases as the size of the vehicle increases. When you add into the equation brakes that are not performing as they should, you have a crash waiting to happen.

When Faulty Semi Truck Brakes Cause an Accident 
Why would anyone allow a truck to travel, knowing that the brakes have not been working as they should have been? Oversights like this cause injuries and deaths in Denton and across Texas each year. The experienced truck crash attorneys at The Hart Law Firm see the consequences of these accidents time and time again. Our staff and attorneys are grateful that, in this case, no one was injured. We hope that in the future, steps will be taken to prevent crashes due to faulty brakes.

Have You Been Injured In A Texas Truck Accident?

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