Posted on Jul 17, 2011

So, your apps can help you grow zombies, change your voice and tease your dog: but can they save your life?  A new app, being tested over the summer months by researchers and engineers, may reduce freeway pileups by up to 40%.  Instead of just another busy-maker, this app would allow your car to warn other vehicles and alert you that an accident is occurring up ahead.

A sensor, placed on a cars acceleration system, would set off an alarm if the system displayed signs that indicate a crash is occurring.  This car would send an alert out to all the cars behind it, and the car with the strongest signal would pass it along to the other cars, alerting potentially hundreds of drivers that a accident is occurring ahead.  All of this would happen in a matter of seconds.

Currently the technology is being put through its paces by engineers from Toyota and researchers from the University of Bologna (Italy).  If the tests go well the app could be installed in new cars.  Older vehicles may be able to be retrofitted with the app, allowing hundreds of cars on freeways in Texas and across the nation to "talk" to one another and avoid serious pile-ups. 

As Dallas, TX car and truck crash attorneys, we are interested in any technology that helps reduce the crashes that occur on our freeways.  We are hopeful that this app, and others like it, will work to save lives and stop collisions before they happen.

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