A major decision you will need to make when filing a claim for compensation following an auto collision in North Richland Hills is whether to retain an experienced car crash attorney. The cost of doing so may be a worry that is holding you back from calling an attorney. However, lawyers handling these cases generally charge their fees in a unique way that is completely affordable for crash victims.

How Contingency Fee Agreements Work in Car Accident Cases

The most common way car accident attorneys charge their fees is by a contingency fee agreement. In this type of fee arrangement, you would not owe any up-front attorney fees, and the attorney is only entitled to a fee if he wins you compensation through a settlement or a trial. His fee would be a percentage of your award and would be paid out of your proceeds.

The Hart Law Firm Car Wreck Lawyers

Besides attorney fees, you would also owe the costs associated with your case. Some attorneys will front these fees and be reimbursed once a settlement is reached, but other lawyers require that these fees be paid up front. Some of these costs include

  • Record copying fees
  • Expert witness fees
  • Filing fee for your complaint
  • Service fee to serve your summons and complaint on the negligent driver
  • Deposition costs

Other Important Factors to Consider When Retaining an Attorney

You should not base your decision on the attorney to hire solely on the cost. You want an experienced attorney who handles many car crash cases in his practice, has a successful record of settling and trying these cases, and is someone you believe you can trust. He should also communicate well with you and be available when you have questions.

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