Posted on Oct 21, 2011
When a Texas light rail collides with a commercial dump truck, there are no winners. Recently in Houston, TX, a large dump truck filled with gravel ran a red light, causing a light rail full of passengers to slam into its side. At least 15 people were injured in the serious Texas truck crash, including the driver of the dump truck, the light rail operator, and 13 passengers.


Police planned to charge the driver with a red light violation. However, they were unable to locate the truck driver to question him about his involvement. When police arrived at the hospital, just minutes after the ambulance, the driver was gone.


The impact of the accident sent both the truck and rail car sliding onto the sidewalk. In video footage, a man can be seen leaping out of the way, narrowly escaping being hit. The wreckage stopped just short of a local bar. Fortunately, there were no patrons outside the business at the time of the crash.


Additional video footage, taken from inside the rail car, shows passengers flying into the air as the train hit the truck. One passenger, who was near the back of the train at the time of the crash, was projected forward upon impact.


The Texas truck accident attorneys at the Hart Law Firm hope that all injured parties are well on their way to a full recovery.

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