The victims of tractor-trailer accidents are often thrown into a painful and confusing world of medical care, insurance adjustors, trucking companies, and legal documents. Here are four of the biggest mistakes made by truck accident victims in Texas—and what you can do to avoid falling into the trap:

  • Speaking without thinking. Victims are usually hurt and shaken after a wreck, and they often say things in the panic of the situation that can hurt their injury claims later on. Insurance companies will look to the initial police report and conversations at the scene of the crash for evidence to use against you—and it’s often understandable or seemingly innocent comments that wreck victims’ claims. Instead, stick to the basic facts of what happened.
  • Not filing a police report. The police report provides important documentation of the crash, and it will be a key document as you pursue a personal injury claim against the trucker or trucking company. If you are too injured to contact the police, simply report the crash as soon as you are able and arrange to get a copy sent to you.
  • Not getting witness information. While there is a lot of information and evidence to collect after a truck crash, it’s important not to overlook the witnesses at the scene. If you don’t collect contact information as soon as possible, then it’s likey that people will disappear or forget what happened.
  • Not talking to an attorney as soon as possible. An experienced personal injury attorney can thoroughly investigate the scene of a crash, collect evidence, identify any problems, and help you create an action plan for protecting your rights and getting the compensation you will need for your medical care and other damages.

Injuries are often severe after an accident with a large commercial truck or tractor-trailer, and it’s not always easy to take the steps needed to protect your rights.  

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