In order to understand the impact that truck drivers and the trucks they drive have on accident rates in Texas and nationwide, it is important to learn more about the trucking industry. The Bureau of Labor Statistics offers some insight into the nature of the work that truck drivers perform and give us a better idea as to how a crash with a semi-truck in Bedford and across the country occurs.


Types of Truck Drivers


Truckers fall into different categories, depending on what type of load they haul. Types of commercial truck drivers include:


  • Heavy truck and tractor-trailer drivers: These truckers drive trucks that can haul at least 26,001 pounds. Most of these drivers are long haul drivers. This means that they deliver products from state to state, even crossing into Mexico and Canada. Risks associated with this type of driver include driving while overly tired and the use of illegal and legal stimulants.

  • Light or delivery truck drivers: Drivers of this type often drive a "box truck". The trucks are used to pickup and deliver shipments from distribution centers to both homes and businesses. Risks associated with this type of driver include a lack of driving experience, high traffic crash rates, and distracted driving.

  • Specialized truck drivers: The loads carried by this type of truck driver are often oversized, dangerous,s or hazardous. Risks associated with this type of driver and load include jackknifing due to diminished braking capability and crashes that spread flammable or toxic substances.


When Truck Accidents Happen


The unfortunate truth is that when a semi-truck hits a car, the occupants of the car are most often hurt and killed. While truck drivers do not set out to cause a serious 18 wheeler crash too often they do just that.  

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