According to the U.S. Department of Transportation and the Federal Highway Administration, areas in and around Grapevine, Dallas, and Fort Worth are some of the most frequently traveled trucking routes in the nation. These agencies report on the types of vehicles that travel the most on any given highway across the country. When looking at the average annual daily truck traffic (AADTT), nearly all of the major trucking routes in the U.S. converge in North Texas.

The Future of Texas Highways

Not only is the number of trucks which are currently on the roads high, but the already crowded roadways are projected to grow even more congested. According to the above agencies, drivers can expect to share the road with more and more trucks as time goes by.


The Busiest Trucking Route in Texas

One of the busiest trucking routes in Texas is U.S. Highway 287. This south-to-north highway enters into Texas near Kerrick. Many thousands of trucks enter the state through this highway each day. As they make their way south, the 18 wheelers roll through and by many major cities, including Vernon, Wichita Falls, Forth Worth, Grapevine, and Arlington. They eventually end their trip on the south end of the highway in Port Arthur.


High Truck Traffic Rates Can Mean High Accident Rates

It stands to reason that when the volume of traffic increases on any given roadway, the volume of crashes will also increase. When traffic includes a high number of semi-trucks, the increase in crashes can mean more serious injuries and deaths on the highways streaming in and out of the Grapevine/Fort Worth area.

Have You Been Injured In A Texas Truck Accident?

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