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Road Rage in Grapevine Leads to Shooting

Posted on Jan 28, 2012
A pickup truck was shot at during an apparent case of road rage on Highway 121 in Grapevine, Texas. Mark Spinney was driving to work on the morning of December 3, off Highway 121 and Bass Pro Drive, when he switched lanes. The driver behind him, in a white or pearl-colored late model SUV with black rims and blue-colored halogen headlights, begin flashing his lights at Spinney and tailgating him.

Spinney exited the highway at Bass Pro Drive and the SUV driver followed, pulling up beside him. Spinney said he watched the other driver, but did not make eye contact. Feeling that something bad was going to happen as the driver was moving his hands around in his vehicle, Spinney sped through the intersection right before the light turned green. He then heard a loud bang. When he arrived at work and inspected his vehicle, he saw a bullet hole.

Grapevine police believe it was a .45 caliber bullet that struck the vehicle. They are still looking for the suspect and are asking the public to call the police if anyone has seen the SUV.

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