Posted on Feb 05, 2012

A Dallas Police patrol car was responding to a disturbance call when it hit a pedestrian along the 9900 block of Bruton Road. Beverly Kirk, 43-years-old, was leaving her daughter’s home and trying to cross the street after an ambulance passed by early Sunday morning, January 22. The police car was following the ambulance.

Dallas police stated that while the ambulance did have its lights and sirens on, the police cruiser following the ambulance at a distance neither used its lights nor its siren. According to a Dallas police spokesperson, the patrol car is not required to use its lights and sirens for this type of call. Both the ambulance and police car were responding to the same disturbance call.

Kirk's daughter was also on the scene of the accident. The family, estranged from Kirk, is questioning how fast the police vehicle was going and why its lights were not on. Dallas police is opening an investigation on the fatal car crash. Witnesses state the patrol car was speeding in a 35 mile-an-hour zone.

A similar accident occurred in 2008 when a Dallas police officer, en route to respond to a call, hit and killed a 10-year-old boy late at night. David Kunkle, then acting police chief, created a new law that police vehicles would always use their red lights and sirens while speeding or violating any traffic laws.

Kirk’s brother stated that Beverly was a sweet person and had her “ups and downs in life.” She was homeless and had a criminal record. According to her family, she would help others in need and she loved her children.

The Colleyville car accident attorneys at the Hart Law Firm send their condolences to the Kirk family.

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