Posted on Feb 04, 2012

Ms. Central Texas, Kelly Smith, is doing her part to make sure your teen is not a victim of a Colleyville car accident. Her commitment during her reign is to spread the message of safety to Texas teens, which include car seat and seat belt safety.

Smith is personally involved in her message, as her own children were involved in a car crash. In 2008, two of her children were injured in an crash on their way to visit family. Her nine-year-old was sitting in the front seat, only wearing a lap seat belt. Her injuries were serious and she had to be air-lifted to the nearest hospital. Ms. Smith’s three-year-old was not strapped into a car seat, and slammed into the back of the front seat. However, her seven-year-old was wearing a seat belt properly and therefore did not sustain any injuries.

Ms. Central Texas, through “Teens in the Driver Seat,” is using her position to tell her story as she goes from school to school with the hope of preventing unnecessary fatal car crashes. The seriousness of proper seat belt wearing is demonstrated with this statistic: in 2009, 3,349 teen passengers were killed in a car crash; 1,880 (more than 56 percent) were not wearing a seat belt at the time of the crash.

The Colleyville car accident attorneys at The Hart Law Firm remind you to always wear your seat belt, and encourage you to teach your family about proper seat belt wearing. Remember that you, your family and other drivers are at risk if car safety and safe driving are ignored. Be sure to also reinforce with your teen drivers that correct seat belt wearing is a lifesaver.

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