take pictures of truck crash The Hart Law FirmThey say that pictures do not lie. That is certainly true if a negligent trucker causes you to suffer injuries in a truck crash. Pictures of the scene of your wreck can explain in vivid images what exactly happened or give your attorney information to piece together the chain of events. If you did not obtain pictures—maybe because you were too injured—you still may be able to recover this important information from other sources.

Why Are Pictures Important in Your Truck Accident Case?

In order to obtain the compensation you deserve, you must prove the truck driver’s negligence in causing your crash. Good pictures can be powerful evidence for a jury that may increase the amount of your jury verdict. The truck driver’s insurance company may be worried that damaging pictures could hurt their position and may be more likely to offer you a fair settlement. Here’s how pictures can help:

  • Pictures can show in vivid detail the massive size of the truck that hit you—something jurors and adjusters may not take into account.
  • Pictures can show what happened and what the conditions were at the time of the truck crash, such as weather conditions, lighting, the intersection, and damage to the truck and your vehicle.
  • Pictures can show details that you may have missed, like skid marks, which can help prove the truckers negligence.
  • Pictures can just show a sympathetic image that boils down your wreck into a tragic event, like crushed eye glasses or a child’s stuffed animal, strewn on the road near the scene of the crash.

You should not just rely on your own pictures to prove your case. With everyone having cellphones with cameras, someone could have taken pictures or video that could be helpful to your claim. An experienced truck wreck attorney can help you retrieve this valuable evidence. Sources you should investigate include:

  • Police officer photos
  • Dashcam and police officer video
  • Store cameras and videos
  • News media
  • Social media posts
  • Witness photographs and videos
  • Red light cameras and other governmental cameras
  • Photos taken by the trucker or in-truck videos

You will want to act quickly because some video footage—store videos and trucker pictures and in-truck videos—for example—can be taped over after as little as 30 days. 

Have You Been Injured In A Texas Truck Accident?

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