If you were a victim of a truck accident, one of your top questions after you decide you have a case against the negligent driver could be “How long will it take to settle my case?” That’s a common question for crash victims. Your medical bills may be mounting, and it is always hard to pay the bills and other living expenses when you are too hurt to work. Unfortunately, these cases can take longer to settle than automobile crash cases unless you are willing to accept a quick settlement for much less than you are entitled to—something that would be a big mistake.

Factors That Influence How Long it Will Take to Resolve Your Big-Rig Case

One reason a truck accident case can take longer to settle is that trucks are different from cars. The size and massive weight of these trucks makes it much more likely that they will cause more catastrophic injuries than other crashes—especially when the vehicles are being driven at high speeds on a highway. This makes proving liability and your injuries more complicated. Factors that can influence how quickly your case can be resolved include:


Your attorney will need time to complete a thorough investigation to establish the trucker’s and trucking company’s liability in your case. Because the trucking industry and its drivers are regulated by federal laws, it could take longer to investigate whether there were any violations that contributed to your crash. In addition, your attorney may want to have the truck inspected and the truck’s black box retrieved to help prove the trucker’s negligence. This investigation is vital to settlement negotiations where insurance adjusters often try to deny liability or place the blame on the victim.

Your medical treatment.

Your attorney will want to wait until your medical treatment has been completed and you have a long-term diagnosis before attempting to negotiate a settlement. Because your injuries are most likely very serious, you may need a year or more of treatments before a final prognosis can be made. Why is it important to wait for this? You want to get compensation for all of your medical treatments in your settlement because once you settle your claim, you cannot reopen it if you discover your injuries are worse than you thought.

Insurance policy coverage.

The insurance policy for the trucking company could include liability coverage of a million dollars or more. Because more money is at stake, the insurance company will most likely be more aggressive in challenging both liability and the extent of your injuries. To ensure you obtain the most favorable settlement possible, your attorney may need to engage in extensive negotiations or file a lawsuit against the negligent parties.


Negotiations with the insurance company can take time once they begin. Before a settlement can be reached, your attorney may need to convince the adjuster of their liability and how serious your injuries really are. This could involve many phone calls, emails, meetings, and documents to prove your case.

Have You Been Injured In A Texas Truck Accident?

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