The brakes on an 18 wheeler are under a tremendous amount of strain. Day in and day out they work to slow and stop excessively heavy loads. As they have been designed to handle the work, they most often work as they should. There are times, however, when improper maintenance or a flaw in the braking system causes the brakes to fail.


Poor Brake Maintenance Too Common in the Trucking Industry


According to a government led study, large trucks' maladjusted braking systems were the most common reason for inspectors to order trucks out of service. This means that when inspected, the majority of the trucks ordered off the road because of safety issues had unsafe brakes. Many of the trucks we share the road with in Bedford, TX are likely to be running with brakes that are not as effective as they should be. This is nothing more than a crash waiting to happen.


Brake System Requirements for 18 Wheeler Trucks in Texas


Federal mandates require that all new, large, commercial trucks have the following safety features installed before they hit the road:


  • Automatic brake adjustors

  • Visible brake adjustment indicators

  • Antilock brakes


These safety features can help the truck driver monitor his brakes and ensure that in the case of a hard brake, the brakes will not lock up. When a semi-truck's brakes lock during a sudden stop, it is highly likely that the truck and trailer will jackknife, a dangerous situation for both the driver and other motorists.


The NHTSA has ordered that all trucks decrease their maximum stopping distance. In 2011, all three-axle tractors with a total weight of less than 59,600 pounds were required to meet the mandate. In 2013, it will apply to two-axle tractors with a total weight that exceeds 59,600 pounds.


When a Semi-Truck's Brakes Fail, We All Lose


If you have been hurt in an accident with a semi-truck in Bedford or anywhere in Texas, you already know that the impact of the crash lasts long after it's over. If it is suspected that the truck's brakes were not properly maintained, it is crucial that your suspicions are investigated. When we work together to hold the trucking companies responsible for their dangerous decisions, we can make a difference in their policies and save lives.

Have You Been Injured In A Texas Truck Accident?

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