From the moment you bought your Chopper, your wife has been overly paranoid that you’re going to crash it. Every time you take it out of the garage for a spin, she comments that she and the kids will be sure to visit you every day at Parkland Memorial until you can walk again. Although you know she says it to encourage you to be safe, you’ve often wondered if she is making a mountain out of a mole hill.

All of your buddies have recently bought bikes and haven’t even suffered as much as a sunburn—let alone any serious injuries—so what is she worried about? Honestly, what’s the worst that could happen?

Common Motorcycle Accident Injuries

As a result of motorcycles being less expensive, and the popularity of shows like “Sons of Anarchy,” motorcycle purchases have dramatically increased throughout the United States. According to the Texas Department of Transportation, as of 2012, registered motorcycles exceeded 500,000 in Texas alone. Unfortunately, with the increase of motorcycles comes the increase of motorcycle crashes.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention predicts that over the past 10 years the number of annual motorcycle injuries have more than doubled. Recent data estimates that 5,000 people a year die, and over 200,000 are severely injured as a result of serious motorcycle crashes.

Although some injuries are minor—if you’re extraordinarily lucky—many of them are catastrophic, life-altering and potentially fatal. These include:

Road rash.

Road rash is by far the most common motorcycle injury, and although generally not fatal, it can be extremely painful and cause debilitating infections.

Eye damage.

If not protected, your eyes can become scraped, impaled, crushed, or even gouged out by flying debris.


If a motorcycle falls on top of you or you’re forcefully thrown from your bike, your limbs can become crushed, severed, or mangled. Sometimes your limbs are injured to the point where they amputate themselves or need to be amputated.

Brain damage.

Head injuries are another common injury sustained by motorcyclists and can range from minor concussions to hemorrhaging, brain bleeds, and partial to complete cognitive loss.

Paralysis and spinal cord injuries.

Your spine can easily become smashed, crushed, severed, twisted, or broken in a collision.


Over 1,000 motorcyclists a year are mortally wounded during crashes, while another 4,000 motorcyclists wind up succumbing to their injuries within a week after their crashes.

Recovering From Your Injuries

If you’re one of the lucky survivors of a motorcycle accident, your injuries can—and most often do—affect you for the rest of your life. Even the more minor crash injuries, such as scrapes and road rash, can leave permanent and disfiguring scars. This is why it’s not only necessary to take proper safety precautions while riding your bike, but extremely important to know that you have care options and friends to help you after a crash.

Have You Been Injured In A Texas Motorcycle Accident?

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