The roadways in and around Dallas are filled with drivers who have a lot of strange ideas about sharing the road with motorcycles, and many just aren’t familiar enough with the reality of riding to share the road effectively. Unfortunately, these uninformed or aggressive drivers often cause serious accidents that can spell disaster for riders.

Are You Guilty of These Misconceptions About Sharing the Road With Motorcycles?

Although motorcycle accidents happen for a number of reasons, drivers should be prepared to watch for and share the road with smaller, two-wheeled vehicles. Think about how you react when motorcycles are present, and then take a look at some of the top driver misconceptions that end up causing motorcycle crashes:

Motorcycles are smaller and don’t need as much room to brake.

Although motorcycles take up less space than the cars and trucks around them, they still need just as much room to react and brake. In some conditions, motorcycles might even need more room to brake than a heavier car.

Motorcycle speed and distance are easy to judge.

If a driver isn’t familiar with motorcycles, he or she may have trouble gauging how fast you are going or how fast you can go. This misunderstanding can result in multiple risky maneuvers, including pulling out in front of riders or merging into a bike on the highway.

Motorcycles have more maneuverability than cars when something goes wrong.

While motorcycles can pull off some feats of maneuverability that cars cannot, it often comes at the cost of a lighter vehicle that is more difficult to control. Riders still need ample time to react to dangers and ample room to make adjustments and avoid a crash.

Have You Been Injured In A Texas Motorcycle Accident?

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