With the rise in gas prices, increasingly more people are riding motorcycles, leading to more vehicular injuries and deaths. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), car- and truck-related crash fatalities were at an all-time low within the last two years, while motorcycle deaths more than doubled. In Texas, there were 443 fatal motorcycle crashes in 2009. The CDC is calling these deaths ‘a public health concern.’ Your Grapevine motorcycle crash attorney shares more nationwide statistics:
  • 34,000 motorcyclists were killed between 2001 and 2008.
  • Young adults, ages 20-24, were rated as having the highest death and injury rates.
  • The majority of nonfatal injuries treated were to the leg and foot, and head and neck.
  • Motorcyclist death rates reached an all-time high in 2008. It increased 55% from 2001 to 2008.
  • Nonfatal injuries also increased during those same years from 120,000 to 175,000.

The above statistics are staggering. In an effort to promote roadway safety and begin to see these statistics drop, we at The Hart Law Firm want to encourage you to be safe while operating a motorcycle.

Always wear a helmet when operating a motorcycle. It is estimated that helmets prevent 37 percent of fatal motorcycle injuries for riders, and 41 percent for passengers. In 2008, over 1,800 motorcycle drivers across America were saved due to wearing a helmet.

Unfortunately, not every state has a mandated helmet law. Currently, Texas only requires those under age 21 to wear a helmet. Those 21 and over are exempt from this law if they have completed a motorcycle safety course or have proof of health insurance coverage. 

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