You may prefer riding a motorcycle as a passenger rather than owning one and learning how to drive it. However, like the rider, you can suffer devastating injuries in a motorcycle crash because the motorcycle offers you none of the protections of passenger vehicles. Therefore, you need to take safety precautions—just like the driver—before you take your first ride.

Ways to Be a Safe Motorcycle Passenger

If you have never ridden a motorcycle before, you should let the driver know this so he can give you tips on how your position will affect his driving and you can practice before going on busy intersections. Some safety tips you should follow include:

  • Be sure the rider has experience safely carrying a passenger. With your added weight, the bike can be more difficult to maneuver, and you want to be certain the rider can handle this.
  • Wear appropriate clothing like long pants, riding gloves, a jacket, and sturdy shoes.
  • Wear a Department of Transportation (DOT) helmet that provides eye protection.
  • Be certain your feet can touch the footrests and keep your feet on them at all times—not only when the motorcycle is moving.
  • Keep your legs away from the muffler because it can get very hot.
  • Hold onto the rider’s hips or the bike’s passenger handles.
  • Wait for the driver to tell you to mount and dismount and do so from the left side, which is customary.
  • Remember that motorcycles lean when turning. To shift your position appropriately, look over the rider’s shoulder in the direction of the turn.
  • Avoid any sudden movements that could distract the driver or cause him to lose control of the motorcycle.
  • Stay alert for potential dangers on the road to react appropriately and to warn the rider.

Even if you try to be a safe passenger, the motorcycle driver or another motorist could cause an accident. An experienced motorcycle crash attorney can advise you on your legal options.  

Have You Been Injured In A Texas Motorcycle Accident?

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