A victim of a truck accident may be surprised to learn that someone from the trucking company’s insurance group is following him after he pursues his claim for compensation. Surveillance is a common practice insurance companies use to prove a victim of a crash is not really hurt as badly as he claims. This is legal, but there are limits to how much surveillance is acceptable. For example, the insurance company cannot tap a person’s telephone or peek in his window at home to videotape him.

Four Tips About Insurance Company Surveillance Strategies

The goal of an investigator is to catch a victim performing day-to-day activities he claims he cannot do because of his injury. It is important for a truck crash victim to understand some of the insurance company’s surveillance strategies. Here are four important tips about these strategies:

  • Insurance companies will likely use surveillance if the victim suffered more serious and permanent injuries than if the victim’s injuries were not major, and his recovery period was a few months or less.
  • Insurance companies for both the trucking company and the victim could use surveillance. Their investigators may take photos, audio, or video of an injured person while he is out in public places.
  • Insurance companies often use surveillance immediately before and after a victim’s deposition. However, an investigator may watch or follow the victim at other times as well.  
  • Insurance companies may hire investigators who will use more than one vehicle when engaging in surveillance, so it is not as obvious to the victim that he is being followed.

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