It’s a strange turn of events when you have to consider talking with your own parents about their driving abilities. It may seem like just the other day they were teaching you how to drive and talking with you about being a safe driver. But now it’s your turn to talk with your aging mother or father about driving safety.

While this conversation might not be easy an easy one to have, it is good to find out how your parent feels about the following things as he or she is aging:

  • Physical ability to drive
  • Reaction time
  • Hearing and vision
  • Confusion

Elderly people often suffer from declining physical abilities, slower reaction times, hearing difficulties, decreased eye sight, and feeling confused while driving or getting lost. By asking your mother or father about these things, you may find out if your aging parent is concerned with his or her ability to drive safely.

While no senior wants to give up his or her keys to the car—and the sense of independence that comes along with driving—it is better to have this conversation in order to keep your parent safe. For example, your parent may just need a new prescription that will help him or her see better in order to avoid a car crash. However, if your elderly parent has been in a recent auto crash, there could be more to the change in his or her driving abilities.

Do your part in helping keep your aging parent safe, as well as other motorists on Dallas roads safe by suggesting he or she should:

  • Have his or her eyes checked
  • Have hearing tested
  • Get a regular physical exam
  • Talk with a doctor about medications that could impair driving skills and health problems that could prevent safe driving
  • Find alternative transportation

Because you probably have friends who are dealing with the same issues, we encourage you to share these tips on Facebook. You never know who this information will help.

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