Although the victims of Texas car accidents can often take action to hold the other driver responsible for the injuries they sustained, it isn’t always possible—or recommended—in every case. Unfortunately, it can be very difficult for victims to determine how or if the other driver contributed to the wreck, and even more difficult to successfully prove that responsibility to the insurance company.

Here are two examples of situations in which it may be difficult or impossible to hold the other driver responsible for your accident injuries:

  • You were solely to blame for the accident. If you caused the crash with your own reckless behavior, then a claim against the other driver is unlikely to be successful. However, car crashes are rarely as straightforward as they seem, and it makes sense to consult with a legal professional before accepting the blame.
  • You are unable to collect enough evidence to support your claim against the other driver. You will need documentation, photos, witness reports, and other evidence to support your injury claim. Without evidence, it is unlikely that the insurance company will pay the full amount of your claim.

Ultimately, remember that it us up to the victim to prove that the other driver should be held responsible for car collision injuries, and it’s likely that the other driver’s insurance company will be working to minimize any claims you make. 

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