If your child graduated this past spring from an area high school like Colleyville Heritage High School or Grapevine High School, you've probably been preparing yourself for this moment all summer: the day your child leaves for college. In a couple of weeks, or maybe even days, you will be dropping your son or daughter off at school, giving them a big hug goodbye, and driving back home, hopeful that they will make good decisions and stay safe.

One important way you can prepare your child for college—and give yourself some peace of mind—is to sit down and talk with them about the dangers of drinking and driving. By having an honest and frank dialogue with your child, you can send them off to school armed with the information they need to think twice before doing something dangerous.

As you talk to your child about drinking, be sure not to criticize or lecture. You want them to feel comfortable talking to you and asking important questions. Remember that they've already heard a lot of the basics in school already and they know that drunk driving is wrong. What you want to do is allow them to ask questions about things they may be unsure about and build a level of trust.

Your child may be smart enough to not drink and drive, but some young adults will still get in a car being driven by a drunk driver. Make sure they know that they should never get into a car being driven by someone who has been drinking, even if the person does not appear drunk. Discuss alternatives, such as offering to drive the car (when they haven't been drinking), calling a taxi, calling a friend, or even calling home if need be. Tell them they need to make sure they get home safely, but they also should try to make sure their friend who has been drinking gets home safely as well. You don't want that person out on the roads—potentially causing a fatal drunk driving crash.

Do you already have a son or daughter in college? If so, how did you talk to them about drunk driving? Did they follow your advice? Please share your advice in the comments section below.

Have You Or A Loved One Been Injured By A Drunk Driver?

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