Shock.  Pain.  Recovery.  Anger.  After a crash with a drunk driver you may be experiencing every one of these feelings.  Once the shock of what has happened wears off and you learn that the driver who hit you was drunk at the time of the crash, anger often takes its place.  How could someone make such a terrible, irresponsible decision?Drunk Driver  Shouldn't a drunk driver be held responsible for their actions?

As a North Texas law firm with extensive experience in personal injury trial law we strongly believe that drunk drivers can and should be sued.  They should be held responsible for the choices they made and the damage they caused.  We have seen too many families damaged beyond measure to sit back and allow drunk drivers to get away with causing such catastrophic crashes and injuries. 

As the victim of a wreck with a drunk driver you have every right to sue the driver.  Though no amount of money can make up for your losses, filing a law suit against the driver can help you recover financially.  Medical bills, lost wages, decreased ability to work and the substantial loss of a loved one are all factored into a suit against a drunk driver. 

Recovering from your injuries and your losses, all while trying to decide the best course of action, can be extremely difficult.  Let the team at Hart Law Firm bear your burden, get you the compensation you need, while move on with your life and focus on healing.  

Have You Been Injured In A Texas Car Accident?

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