In any type of personal injury case, you want to pursue a claim for compensation with all potentially liable parties. This is especially true if you are the victim of a truck rollover wreck where your injuries could be more severe and the cost of your medical treatment more expensive. By filing a claim with any potentially liable party, you willTruck Rollover The Hart Law Firmincrease your likelihood of receiving the full amount that you are owed.

Who Could Be Liable in a Big-Rig Rollover Crash?

A truck rollover occurs when the truck tips over, often into the path of several lanes of traffic. It can cause catastrophic injuries or death if the truck rolls on top of a much smaller and lighter passenger vehicle. Liability for your compensation will depend on the cause of the rollover. However, these parties could be responsible:

Truck driver.

Truck driver negligence, such as speeding, distracted driving, or drowsy driving, is often a cause of a rollover crash, making the trucker responsible for compensating you.

Trucking company.

The trucking company could face liability under many legal theories, such as vicarious liability for the trucker’s negligence, negligent hiring if the trucker was not qualified to drive the truck, and lack of maintenance if this caused the crash.


The manufacturer of the truck or one of its components or parts would be responsible if the truck or a part, such as a tire, was defective and this contributed to the rollover.

Maintenance facility.

Truck companies sometimes contract with an outside company to perform maintenance and repair of their trucks. If lack of maintenance contributed to the rollover, you would want to file a claim with the maintenance company’s insurer.


Often improper loading causes a truck to become unstable and roll over. In this situation, you would want to turn to the company responsible for loading the shipment for compensation for your injuries.

Another motorist.

If another motorist was negligent or partially negligent in causing the truck to roll over, he could be responsible for paying you a portion of the compensation that you are owed.


If road defects were the cause of the wreck, your claim should be filed with the appropriate municipality responsible for the road.

Have You Been Injured In A Texas Truck Accident?

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