speeding trucks cause dangerous crashes The Hart Law FirmLet’s face it; most motorists are guilty of speeding. While speeding is never safe, driving a big-rig too fast is much more likely to cause a catastrophic truck wreck. The sheer weight and size of these massive trucks can make the force of the impact much greater than when two passenger vehicles collide. The result is often long-term disabling injuries, such as traumatic brain injury, paralysis, amputations, or death for the victims.

How Does Speeding Cause Truck Accidents?

Truckers speed for many reasons. They are often in a hurry to deliver their load or to return home to start a new trip. Some do not perceive speeding as dangerous, are bored and inattentive, or do not believe they will get caught. However, speeding can cause crashes for these reasons:

Difficulty stopping.

A truck takes longer to stop than a passenger vehicle at any speed and even longer to do so when the trucker is speeding. Speeding makes it impossible to avoid causing a rear-end collision or other crash when a trucker must slow down or stop suddenly due to the actions of other drivers.


If a trucker is speeding when it is raining, icy, or snowing, he can hydroplane, slide, or otherwise lose control of his truck.


When a trucker is speeding, he can lose control, with the result being a jackknife crash where the trailer swings out from the truck in the shape of an “L” right into oncoming traffic and across lanes.

Navigating curves.

Truckers cannot safely navigate a curve unless they reduce their speed below the posted speed limit. When they speed instead, they are creating a recipe for a disaster.

Controlling heavy loads.

When the truck is loaded, its load can shift when being transported. A speeding truck driver may cause dangerous shifts in his load that can cause him to lose control of his swaying trailer. This could result in the trailer and cab tipping over onto other vehicles or causing a collision.

If your injuries in a truck crash were caused by a trucker’s speeding, you will need substantial compensation to cover your medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Because your claim may be worth more, you may need to fight harder to obtain what you deserve. 

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