Whether a driver was reckless, distracted, intoxicated, or simply misinformed about the rules of the road when motorcycles are present, the victims of motorcycle crashes suffer just the same. And the unfortunate truth is that the innocent rider is often seriously injured while the negligent driver is able to walk away from the scene. Unfortunately, it’s not always an easy matter to hold these drivers financially responsible for the injuries they’ve caused. But, even though it’s not easy, it’s still important. Here are just a few reasons why negligent drivers should be held accountable for causing motorcycle accidents:

  • Victims shouldn’t have to pay out of pocket for injuries caused by negligent drivers. Riders who have been hurt in accidents caused by negligent drivers are usually entitled to compensation for their medical bills and other expenses, but many end up having to fight low offers, delays, and denials to get what they deserve.
  • Holding drivers financially responsible makes a statement. When you do pursue an injury claim against a negligent driver, it makes a statement to all inattentive or irresponsible drivers that there are consequences for their actions.
  • Taking legal action against a driver could prevent future crashes. Making sure that a driver is held responsible for causing harm could prevent the driver from making the same mistake in the future. If you need help taking action, one of our experienced personal injury attorneys would be happy to talk through your concerns and explain more about your options.

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